My name is Dennis Knox, I am the founder of OSSeas and I would like to take this opportunity to explain why this company came into being.

My entry into the world of offshore oil and gas was a little later in life than most because I came from a Royal New Zealand Navy Hydrographic Survey background where I was the commanding officer of an hydrographic survey vessel. I was in my mid thirties when I entered into the commercial offshore world.

I started out in 1988 as a Party Chief surveyor, moved on the Client Representative and finally into Project Management.

During all these years there were recurring incidents in the construction phase which could have been avoided. Not that there were any really major show stoppers, but some were quite serious and cumulatively these issues resulted in delays and consequently significant costs to the project. Some were design issues, some were planning and interfacing problems and some were contractual oversights. I felt that these could and should have been perceived in the planning and design phase and at the very least mitigated.

I also found that in many cases the issues were 'set in concrete' long before the workscope was handed to the project team. It seemed that some people in the early stages had either never participated in the installation phase, or done so for a few projects as a junior engineer. I wondered why people experienced in the installation phase were not brought in to the early stages to give practical perspective to the project, and I was not alone, this was a common complaint among installation engineers.

On the personal front, almost all of the work I did was on contract, not as an employee, and primarily this was through various manpower agencies, but as I looked back at all the work I have done I see only a line on a C. V.   So, as I moved into my late fifties, I wondered, "Where are the results?   The accumulation for all this work, the tangible assets from all this time, the weeks that added to years that I spent away from home and family".

Yes I had my day rate, and the material benefits of property and assets from my income, but there was no legacy I would leave to my grandchildren. When I looked at what I should rightfully claim as mine, that is the experience and knowledge I had gained, there was no tangible result for all the years.

However, when I logged on to some agency websites I saw the projects that I had worked on listed amongst their corporate experience, yet in many cases I was the only person active on the project. Was this experience resident in the agency? No. It left with me when I finished the contract. Legally of course they held the contract and so could claim the credit, but they no longer had the expertise.

I found that this was common and there were many men and women 'out there' with extensive experience, knowledge and understanding still applying that in the same way they had for twenty or thirty years. I felt there had to be a better model, and a greater need that would effectively utilise those personal assets in a way that would realise a tangible result for the individual.

There is a very good biblical quote. “A wise man lays up an inheritance for his children's children”. (Proverbs 13:22). I wanted to develop something that left a valuable asset for all the years, not just for myself but for others like me. Something we could all leave for our children's children. That was where the concept of partnering with others in this industry to provide an alternative source of professional expertise originated.

But a source with a difference. Aimed at the senior levels of the industry, the development companies, where the client and the OSSeas Associate fosters a trusting and lasting relationship. One which benefits both parties. The client in having reliable, trustworthy people with proven knowledge and experience advising and assisting with their projects, and the Associate in developing an asset that he or she can say is theirs. Something tangible from which the Associate can realise some value when they finally retire.

Ocean Surveys, Sciences and Engineering Associates Limited (OSSeas Ltd) was formed in 2009 to achieve these goals, for both Client and Associate. We are looking for top quality, experienced people from most disciplines to become Associates or Affiliates and, of course Clients who are seeking a trusted and reliable source for such people.


Company Slogan:

It's people that make projects - experience and expertise from concept to commissioning.

Mission Statement:

Our target is the end result, which is your desired project completion, safely, on time and under budget.
Achieved by providing highly experienced senior management personnel to compliment your management team,
and see your project from the concept stage, through FEED, installation and commissioning to successful completion.

Our mission is to provide you with exemplary services,
using people who draw upon real experience and are truly committed to delivering excellence.

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