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29 - 30 January 2014

SHC presentation, Royal Institution of Naval Architects' conference, "Design and Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels".

The Submersible Hull Catamaran concept, SHC Windancer, was presented at the Royal Institution of Naval Architects' (RINA) conference on the "Design and Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels". The concept was well received. (Click here for conference details). A copy of the proceedings may be obtained from the RINA.


26 March 2013

The Submersible Hull Catamaran concept reported in the media.

The following publications have reported on the
Submersible Hull Catamaran concept
"SHC Wavedancer"(TM).
Shipbuilding Tribune (.com)
Offshore Wind (.biz)
World Maritime News

12 March 2013

The Submersible Hull Catamaran concept featured at Innovate U. K. 2013.

Missionkraft Ltd featured the SHC (TM) concept along with their other proprietary technologies at the 2013 Innovate U. K. Exhibition, held at the Design Centre, London. Missionkraft report considerable interest in the concept.

14 February 2013

Missionkraft Ltd licensed to market and promote the Submersible Hull Vessel (SHV) Concept

Missionkraft Ltd from Southampton U.K. is now licensed to market and promote the Submersible Hull Vessel (SHV (TM) ) concept in conjunction with their own proprietary technologies.
The first design use for this concept is the Submersible Hull Catamaran (SHC (TM) ), named the "SHC Wavedancer".

10 January 2013

Local Council Economic Regeneration Programme.

OSSeas Consulting is now in partnership with David B Robson & Partners who have been working with Local Councils in the U.K. to regenerate the local economy through their Archemys Initiative.
Since the programme took on a new direction requiring expertise in offshore developments and renewable 'clean-tech' energy, OSSeas Consulting was approached to provide that expertise.


17 October 2012

Patents for Submersible Hull Vessel Concept issued by the U.K. Intellectual Property Office

The U.K. Intellectual Property Office has issued both the United Kingdom and International patent specifications for the Submersible Hull Vessel Concept.
United Kingdom patents pending (GB 2489935)

March / April 2012

Article published
Oil and Gas Financial Journal
and Touch Oil & Gas

The Project Gap

"What is the project gap? Do you have one, or more, in your offshore development project? The best explanation of the project gap is the differential between what the project was desired to achieve and what it actually delivered......."



4 April 2011

OSSeas Ltd applies for patents for unique hull design.

OSSeas Ltd lodged patent applications with the U.K. Intellectual property Office for a new hull design.

OSSeas Consulting - Projects

SHC Wavedancer logo and link to website

The Submersible Hull Vessel (SHV (TM) ) concept is one where the vessel can change its own internal volume. The hull can be split from the rest of the vessel by the superstructure jacking itself up on vertical members, then the hulls can be ballasted down below the wave energy zone while keeping the superstructure above the wave tops.
The first design incorporating this concept is called the Submersible Hull Catamaran (SHC (TM)). Named the "SHC Windancer" this vessel is being designed with the offshore wind farm maintenance market in mind.

SHC Windancer


Another design is in progress for the SHC Wavedancer for offshore oil and gas usages and platform personnel crew changes.

SHC Wavedancer

(U.K. Patents pending, International patents applied for.)
(Click on the logo above to go to the Submersible Hull Catamaran (SHC) (TM) website.)


OSSeas Consulting is partnering with David B Robson & Partners, who manage the Archemys initiative, usually in partnership with Local Councils, regenerating enterprise at the local level. Local economies are the engines on which greater economic revival depends, and the Archemys Initiative works via co-managed projects, to commercialise appropriate services they provide to the local community and beyond. This is supported through a renewable energy infrastructure to provide clean low cost energy.
(Click on the logo below for the website.)

Logo for David B Robson & Partners and link to website.   Logo for Archemys and link to website


OSSeas Consulting has embarked on a new development in tidal power production utilising an entirely new and innovative design which, if successful, will alleviate a number of the problems associated with the early generation of devices.
The system is currently in the design and computer modelling stage and will move to prototype in early 2015.


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