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Acronyms and Terms
used in offshore Construction Projects




Applicable to

% Percent   Expression
(d)GPS (Differential) Global Positioning System   Survey Positioning
(k)Hz (kilo) Hertz   Expression
.ALG Data files (list file)   Data Format
.ALL Cable Files (list file)   Data Format
.ASC Sources files (list file)   Data Format
.CET Cable Event files   Data Format
.CLL Cables (receivers) files   Data Format
.csv Text format file extension   Data Format
.DAT Data (data points) files   Data Format
.DGN Intergraph Microstation format   Drawing
.DXF Drawing Exchange Format (Autodesk)   Drawing
.jpg JPEG graphic format file extension   Data Format
.LOG Log files   Data Format
.PIC Picture files   Data Format
.PTS Survey track-line files   Data Format
.SRC Sources (shot points) files   Data Format
.tif TIFF graphic format file extension   Data Format
.VEL Sound Velocity files   Data Format
.WPT Waypoints files   Data Format
.XPT Transponders files   Data Format
° Degree(s)   Expression
µg Microgram   Specification / measurement
2D Two Dimensional   General
3D Three Dimensional   General
A Approval   Documents / Contracts
A&R Abandonment & Recovery   Operations Engineering
AC Alternating Current   Electrical General
ADCP Acoutic Doppler Current Profiler   Equipment Survey Subsea
Adj Adjacent seabed ADJ Survey pipeline
ADM ADministration Manager   Personnel
ADVL Acoustic Doppler Velocity Log   Equipment Survey Subsea
AEVS AllsEas Vessel Superintendent   Personnel
AFE Approved For Enquiry   Documents / Contracts
AFEF Atlantic Frontier Environmental Forum   Governing Bodies
AFEN Atlantic Frontier Environmental Network   Governing Bodies
AG Associated Gas   General
AGI Above Ground Installation   Plant
AHVMS Anchor Handling Vessel Management System TMS Survey Positioning
ALARP As Low As Reasonably Practical   Expression
AN ANodes   Event, Anodes
ANSI American National Standards Institute   Governing Bodies
APC Allseas Pipelines Contractors S.A   Company
API American Petroleum Institute   Governing Bodies
ARCS Admiralty Raster Chart Service   Survey Positioning
ASA Advanced Safety Audits   Health safety & Environment
ASAP As Soon As Possible   Expression
As-backfilled Survey or report of post backfilled condition (second word always lowercase)   Documents / Contracts
As-built Survey or report of final constructed condition (second word always lowercase)   Documents / Contracts
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange   Data Format
ASCOBANS Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans, Baltic and North Seas 1991   Documents / Contracts
As-laid Survey or report of initial installed condition (second word always lowercase)   Documents / Contracts
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers   Governing Bodies
ASTM American Standards for Testing Materials   Specification / measurement
As-trenched Survey or report of post trenched condition (second word always lowercase)   Documents / Contracts
ASV Assumed Seismic Velocity   Geophysical
ATS (Nautronix)   Equipment Survey Subsea
AUV Automonous Underwater Vehicle   Equipment Survey Subsea
AWS American Welding Society   Governing Bodies
B&R Brown and Root   Company
B&W Black and White   General
BA Buckle Arrestor   Event, Pipeline features
bara Unit of pressure (Bar absolute)   Specification / measurement
barg Unit of pressure (Bar gauge)   Specification / measurement
BD BoulDer   Event, Seabed Feature
BE Burial End   Event, Seabed Feature
BG Base Engineer BE Personnel
BGE Bord Gais Eireann   Company
BGS British Geological Survey   Governing Bodies
BGTTL British Gas Trinidad and Tobago Limited   Company
BI BItumen mattress BM Event, Remedial Works
BL Bare metaL BM Event, Weightcoat Damage
BM Bench Mark   Survey Cadastral
BN BeNd BB Event, Pipeline features
BOP Bottom Of Pipe   Engineering Pipeline
BOT Bottom Of Trench   Engineering Pipeline
BPA BP Amoco   Company
BPEO Best Practicable Environmental Option   Health safety & Environment
BRES Brown and Root Energy Services   Company
BS British Standard   Quality Assurance / Control
BSB Below Seabed   Survey Positioning
BSi Both Sides BS General
BSt Burial Start BS Event, Seabed Feature
BST British Summer Time   Time
BSTS Better Safe Than Sorry   General
BTB Back To Business   General
BU Business Unit (Operating)   General
BX Bitumen eXposed BE Event, Weightcoat Damage
CA Certification Agency   Governing Bodies
CAD Computer Aided Design   Drawing
CAO Computer Assisted Operations   General
CAP Civil Aviation Publication   Governing Bodies
CAPEX Capital Expenditure   General
Capt Captain   Personnel
CAR Corrective Action Requests   Procedures
CCP Central Compression Plant   Plant
CCTV Closed Circuit TV   General
CE Crown exposure End   Event, Seabed Feature
CEP Condensate Export Pipeline   Engineering Pipeline
CET Central European Time   Time
CFR Code of Federal Regulations (USA)   Specification / measurement
CGBS Concrete Gravity Base Structure   Engineering Facility
CGS Concrete Gravity Structure   Engineering Facility
CH4 Methane   Natural Resource Type
ChEl Chief Electrician CE Personnel
CHIP Chemical Hazard Information for Packaging and Supply   Health safety & Environment
CIT Drawing file format   Drawing
CITES Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species   Governing Bodies
CL Center Line   Drawing
CM Canvass Mattress   Event, Remedial Works
CMG Course Made Good   Vessel General
Cmpt Compatt   Equipment Survey Subsea
Co Coral CL Event, Seabed Feature
CO Carbon monoxide   Natural Resource Type
CO Commanding Officer   Personnel
C-O Calculated minus Observed   General
CO2 Carbon dioxide   Natural Resource Type
CoG Centre of Gravity   Engineering Design
COILS Computerised Offshore Inspection Logging System   Survey Positioning
Comms Communications   Operations General
Comp Compensator COMP Equipment Vessel
Coords Coordinates   Survey Cadastral
COSHH Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health   Health safety & Environment
CP Center Point   Engineering Design
cP (measure of viscosity)   Specification / measurement
CPF Central Production Facility   Plant
CPlR Continuous Plankton Recorder CPR Health safety & Environment
CPn Corrosion Protection CP Engineering Pipeline
CPP Cathodic Potential Probe   Equipment Project
CPR Cathodic Protection Readings   Engineering Pipeline
CPT Cone Penetration Test   Equipment Survey Subsea
Cr Cracking   Event, Weightcoat Damage
CRI Cuttings Re-injection System   Engineering General
CRP Common Reference Point   Survey Vessel
CS Crown exposure Start   Event, Seabed Feature
CSPT Cooling Spool Protection Trough   Engineering Facility
CSV Comma delimited file format   Data Format
CTD Conductivity/Temperature/Density (Probe)   Equipment Survey Subsea
CV Curriculum Vitae   Personnel
CVP Capital Value Process   General
CZCS Coastal Zone Colour Scanner   Health safety & Environment Degrees decimal minutes and seconds   Survey Positioning
DB DeBris   Event, Debris
DCC Distance Cross Course   Survey Positioning
DCS Distributed Control System   Engineering Facility
DEMOB DEMOBilisation   Documents / Contracts
DEP Design and Engineering Practices   Governing Bodies
DEPCON Deposit Consent   Documents / Contracts
DETR Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions (UK)   Governing Bodies
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System   Survey Positioning
DHSS Dual Head Scanning Sonar   Equipment Survey Subsea
DHSV Down Hole Shutdown Valve   Engineering General
DIN Deutsche Institut fur Normung   Governing Bodies
DISCON Discharge Consent   Documents / Contracts
DL Direct on Line DOL Survey Vessel
dLat difference Latitude (d,m,s between two latitude positions)   Survey Cadastral
dLong difference Longitude (d,m,s between two longitude positions)   Survey Cadastral
DMA Dead Man Anchor   Equipment Project
DNV Det Norske Veritas DnV Governing Bodies
DO Duty Officer   Personnel
DoC Depth of Cover (bottom of trench to top of pipe) DOC Survey Positioning
DoL Depth of Lowering (mean natural seabed level to top of pipe) DOL Survey Positioning
DOM Drawing Office Manager   Personnel
DOP Dilution Of Position   Survey Positioning
DoT Department of Transport (UK)   Governing Bodies
DP Dynamic Positioning   Equipment Vessel
DPO Dynamic Positioning Operator   Personnel
DPR Daily Progress Report   Documents / Contracts
DPRes Department of Petroleum Resources DPR Governing Bodies
DPV Dynamic Positioned Vessel   Vessel Type
Dqz Digiquartz DQZ Equipment Multi Use
DR Drum   Event, Debris
DSND Det Sondenfjelds-Norske Dampskibsselskab   Company
DSV Dive Support Vessel   Vessel Type
DTI Department of Trade and Industry (UK)   Governing Bodies
DTM Digital Terrain Model   Data Format
DTX-GEM SPDC Geomatics Department   Department
dX Delta X   Survey Positioning
DXF Drawing Exchange Format (Autocad)   Drawing
dY Delta Y   Survey Positioning
dZ Delta Z   Survey Positioning
E Easting   Survey Positioning
E East   Survey Positioning
EA Environmental Assessment   Health safety & Environment
EC European Community   Country / Sea Area
ECom European Commission EC Governing Bodies
ED European Datum   Survey Cadastral
EDMS Electronic Documentation Management System   Documents / Contracts
EE Exposure end   Event, Seabed Feature
EHF Extra High Frequency   Equipment Survey Subsea
EHFI Extra High Frequency Intelligent (Compatt)   Equipment Survey Subsea
EI Environmental Instructions   Procedures
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment   Health safety & Environment
Elec Electrician   Personnel
EMAS Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EC)   Governing Bodies
EMS Environmental Management System   Procedures
ENE East North East   Survey Positioning
Eng Engineer   Personnel
ENVIID Environmental Impact Identification   Health safety & Environment
EOC Emergency Operations Centre   Health safety & Environment
EOR Enhanced Oil Recovery   Expression
EoS East of Shetland   Country / Sea Area
EPAQS Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards (UK)   Governing Bodies
EPIC Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning   General
EPSG European Petroleum Survey Group   Governing Bodies
ER Emergency Response   Health safety & Environment
ERC Emergency Response Center   Health safety & Environment
ERT Environment and Resource Technology   Health safety & Environment
ES Exposure start   Event, Seabed Feature
ESAS European Seabirds At Sea   Health safety & Environment
ESD Emergency Shutdown   Procedures
ESDV Emergency Shutdown Valve   Plant
ESE East South East   Survey Positioning
ESi East Side ES General
ESOP Electrical Safety Operational Procedures   Procedures
ESR Electrical Safety Rules   Governing Bodies
ESRm Emergency Support Room ESR Health safety & Environment
ESt Environmental Statement ES Health safety & Environment
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival   Operations General
ETD Estimated Time of Departure   Operations General
EU European Union   Governing Bodies
F&G Fire and Gas   General
FA Flaking FL Event, Weightcoat Damage
FCA Failure Characteristics Analysis   Engineering Design
FE Freespan end   Event, Seabed Feature
FEED Front End Engineering and Design   Engineering Design
FEPA Federal Environmental Protection Agency   Governing Bodies
FFT Fast Fourier Transform   Survey Cadastral
FG Fishing gear   Event, Debris
FGr Field Gradient FG Engineering Pipeline
Fig Figure   General
FIREPRAN Fire Protection Analysis   Engineering Design
FJ Fieldjoint   Event, Pipeline features
FL Flange   Event, Pipeline features
FLAGS Far North Liquids and Gas Gathering System (BPAmoco UK)   Expression
Flt Face Left FL Engineering Design
FM Frond Mattress   Event, Remedial Works
FMEA Failure Modes and Effects Analysis   Engineering Design
FMJ Fabrication Measurement Jig   Equipment Project
FOF-FOF Face Of Flange to Face Of Flange distance.   Engineering Design
FPROV FallPipe Remotely Operated Vehicle   Equipment Survey Subsea
FPSO Floating Production Storage and Off-loading   Plant
FRP Fibre Reinforced Plastic   Materials
Frt Face Right   Engineering Design
FS Freespan start   Event, Seabed Feature
FSA Formal Safety Assessment   Health safety & Environment
FTA Flowline Termination Assembly PLEM Engineering Facility
F-Test Check of the unit variance of the GPS pseudorange solution.   Survey Positioning
FYI For Your Information   Expression
GA General Arrangement   Vessel Management
GAn Gravity Anchor   Equipment Project
GASS-T Gas Transport (Statoil)   General
GB Grout bags   Event, Remedial Works
GC Gravity Corer   Equipment Survey Subsea
GCh Gas Chromatography GC Specification / measurement
GCMP Global Crisis Management Plan   Health safety & Environment
GCR Geological Conservation Review   Procedures
Gdop Geometric dilution of precision GDOP Survey Positioning
GEP Gas Export Pipeline   Engineering Pipeline
GHSER Getting HSE Right   Expression
GI General Instructions   Procedures
GIS Graphic Information System   General
GLR Generalised Likelihood Ratio test   Survey Positioning
GM Grout mattress   Event, Remedial Works
GMT Greenwich Mean Time   General
GOM Gulf Of Mexico   Country / Sea Area
GOR Gas to Oil Ratio   Engineering Design
GPS Global Positioning System   Survey Positioning
GTS Group Technical Support   Department
GUI Graphic User Interface   Equipment Computing
GWP Global Warming Potential   Health safety & Environment
H Hold   Documents / Contracts
H Hours (times expressed hh mm eg 1245h)   General
H0 Null Hypothesis   Survey Positioning
H2S Hydrogen Sulphide   Natural Resource Type
HAT Highest Astronomical Tide   Tidal Data
HAZID HAZard IDentification   Health safety & Environment
HAZOP HAZards and OPerability review   Health safety & Environment
HCC Health Care Contracts   Health safety & Environment
Hdop Height dilution of position   Survey Positioning
Heliops Helicopter operations   Procedures
HF High Frequency   Equipment Survey Subsea
HiPAP High Precision Acoustic Positioning   Equipment Survey Subsea
HIPC Hydrogen Induced Pressure Cracking   Procedures
HIPPS High Integrity Pressure Protection System   Equipment Survey Subsea
HM Her Majesties (UK e.g. HM Customs)   Governing Bodies
HMCG Her Majesty’s Coastguard (UK)   Governing Bodies
HOCNF Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Format   Specification / measurement
HP Horse Power   General
HPd Hewlett Packard HP Equipment Computing
HPI High Potential Incidents   Health safety & Environment
HPR Hydroacoustic Positioning Reference   Equipment Survey Subsea
HPU Hydraulic Power Unit (ROV)   Equipment Survey Subsea
HS Halliburton Subsea   Company
HSE Health safety & Environmental HS&E Health safety & Environment
HSEMS Health, safety & Environmental Management System   Health safety & Environment
HSEx Health and Safety Executive (UK) HSE Health safety & Environment
HT Hot Tap   Engineering Pipeline
HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning   Plant
Hw High wastage HW Event, Anodes
HW High Water   Tidal Data
HWM High Water Mark   Tidal Data
I/O Input / Output   Equipment Computing
IADC International Association of Drilling Contractors   Governing Bodies
IAW In Accordance With   Expression
IBIS Inspection Based Information System (Shell)   Inspection Test Maintenance
ICES International Council for the Exploration of the Sea   Governing Bodies
ICPC International Cable Protection Committee   Governing Bodies
ID Inside Diameter   Engineering Design
IDC In Due Course   Expression
IE Intermittent Exposure end   Event, Seabed Feature
IHO International Hydrographic Organisation   Governing Bodies
IMCA International Marine Contractors Association   Governing Bodies
IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods code   Governing Bodies
IMO International Maritime Organisation   Governing Bodies
IOE Institute of Offshore Engineering   Training and Education
IP Intersection Point   Engineering Design
IPC Integrated Pollution Control   Procedures
IPF Instrumented Protective Function   Engineering Design
IPPC Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control   Procedures
IRM Inspection Routine Maintenance ????   Inspection Test Maintenance
IS Intermittent Exposure start   Event, Seabed Feature
ISA Infectious Salmon Anaemia   Chemical / Biological
ISM International Safety Management   Governing Bodies
ISO International Standards Organisation   Governing Bodies
Isos Isometrics ISOs General
ITA In Line Tee Assembly   Engineering Facility
ITP Inspection Test Plan   Procedures
J Joules   Expression
JNCC Joint Nature Conservation Committee (UK)   Governing Bodies
KIMO Local Authorities International Environmental Organisation   Governing Bodies
km Kilometre   Specification / measurement
Km Kilometre (s)   Expression
KP Kilometre Post   Engineering Design
LARS Launch and Recovery System   Equipment Vessel
Lat Latitude LAT Survey Positioning
LAT Lowest Astronomical Tide   Tidal Data
LBL Long Baseline   Equipment Survey Subsea
LF Low Frequency   Equipment Survey Subsea
LGDB Lift gas distribution Box   Engineering Facility
LL Linklok mattress   Event, Remedial Works
LLWS Lowest Low Water Springs   Tidal Data
LM Lateral movement   Event, Seabed Feature
LMT Local Management Team   Management
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas   Natural Resource Type
Long Longitude   Survey Positioning
LOP Line Of Position   Survey Positioning
LP Low Pressure   General
LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas   Natural Resource Type
LRFD Load Resistance Factor Design   Engineering Design
LRQA Lloyds Register Quality Assurance   Governing Bodies
LRS Lloyds Register of Shipping   Governing Bodies
LS Least Squares   Survey Positioning
LSAS Low Specific Activity Scale   Procedures
LSA Low Specific Activity   Procedures
LTI Lost Time Injury   Health safety & Environment
LTI Lost Time Incident   Health safety & Environment
LTIF Lost Time Incidence Frequency   Health safety & Environment
LUSBL Low frequency Ultra Short BaseLine   Equipment Survey Subsea
Lw Low wastage LW Event, Anodes
LW Low Water   Tidal Data
LWM Low Water Mark   Tidal Data
M Monitor   Equipment Computing
m Metre   Specification / measurement
M Metre(s)   Expression
MAF Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (NZ)   Governing Bodies
MAFF Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food (UK)   Governing Bodies
MARPOL The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973   Governing Bodies
Max Maximum MAX General
MBE Multibeam Echo Sounder (Seabat)   Equipment Survey Subsea
MBES Multi Beam Echo Sounder   Equipment Survey Subsea
MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency (UK)   Governing Bodies
MCPT Miniature Cone Penetration Test   Equipment Survey Subsea
MDDR Main Document and Drawing Register   Documents / Contracts
MDE Marginally Detectable Error   Survey Positioning
Med Mediterranean Sea   Country / Sea Area
MEG MonoEthylene Glycol   Natural Resource Type
MF Medium Frequency   Equipment Survey Subsea
mg Milligram   Specification / measurement
MHWN Mean High Water Neaps   Tidal Data
MHWS Mean High water Springs   Tidal Data
MI Miscible Injectant   Chemical / Biological
Mid Belt Nigerian Mid Belt Projection System   Plant
MIF Mattress Installation Frame   Equipment Vessel
Min Minimum MIN General
ML Mean Level   Tidal Data
MLWN Mean Low Water Neaps   Tidal Data
MLWS Mean Low Water Springs   Tidal Data
mm Millimetre   Specification / measurement
MMS Minerals Management Services (USA)   Governing Bodies
MMS Maintenance Management System   Procedures
MNCR Marine Nature Conservation Review   Documents / Contracts
MOB Mobilisation   Documents / Contracts
Mon Monitor MON / M Equipment Computing
MOPO Manual of Permitted Operations   Procedures
MPR Monthly Progress Report   Operations General
MR Maximum Range   Tidal Data
MRCC Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre   Health safety & Environment
MRDGPS Multi-Reference Differential Global Positioning System   Survey Positioning
MRP Maintenance Reference Plan   Procedures
MRU Motion Reference Unit   Equipment Vessel
Ms Millisecond(s)   Expression
Ms-1 Metres per second   Expression
MSB Mean Sea Bed   Survey Positioning
MSBL Mean Sea Bed Level   Survey Positioning
MSL Mean Sea Level   Tidal Data
MSR Maintenance Strategy Review   Procedures
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures   Engineering Design
MTI Medical Treatment Injury   Health safety & Environment
MTO Material Take Off   Materials
MV Motor Vessel   Vessel Type
MV Motor Vessel   Vessel Type
MVP Maximising Value-added Performance   Management
Mw Medium wastage MW Event, Anodes
MW Megawatt   Specification / measurement
MWS Marine Warranty Surveyor   Personnel
N Northing   Survey Positioning
N North   Survey Positioning
N2O Nitrogen   Chemical / Biological
NACE National Association of Corrosion Engineers (UK)   Governing Bodies
NAD27 North American Datum 1927   Survey Cadastral
NAD83 North American Datum 1983   Survey Cadastral
NAFC North Atlantic Fisheries College   Governing Bodies
NAG Non-Associated Gas   General
NAPIMS National Petroleum Investment Management Services   Governing Bodies
NAV Navigation   Survey Positioning
NCR Nature Conservation Review (UK)   Documents / Contracts
NCR Non Conformance Report   Procedures
NDE Non-Destructive Examination   Inspection Test Maintenance
NDT Non-Destructive Testing   Specification / measurement
NE North East   Survey Positioning
NEC No Effect Environmental Concentration   Health safety & Environment
NES Northern Export System (BPAmoco UK)   Engineering Facility
ng Nanogram   Specification / measurement
NHHW Neap High High Water   Tidal Data
NHLW Neap Higher Low Water   Tidal Data
NLGP Northern Leg Gas Pipeline (BPAmoco UK)   Engineering Facility
NLHW Neap Lower High Water   Tidal Data
NLLW Neap Lower Low Water   Tidal Data
NLNG Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company   Company
Nm Nautical miles (1852 m) nm Specification / measurement
NMO Nigerian Maritime Organisation   Governing Bodies
NMVOC Non Methane Volatile Organic Carbon   Chemical / Biological
NNE North North East   Survey Positioning
NNPC Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation   Company
NNR National Nature Reserve (UK)   Health safety & Environment
NNW North North West   Survey Positioning
NOx Oxides of nitrogen   Chemical / Biological
NPD Naphthalenes, Phenanthrenes and Dibenzothiophenes   Chemical / Biological
NS North Sea   Country / Sea Area
NSA National Scenic Area (UK)   Health safety & Environment
NSCMA North Sea Cable Marine Agreement   Governing Bodies
NSi North Side NS General
NSTF North Sea Task Force   Governing Bodies
NTM Nigerian Transverse Mercator   Survey Positioning
NUI Normally Unattended Installations   Plant
NW North West   Survey Positioning
OAS Obstacle Avoidance Sonar   Equipment Survey Subsea
OC Ops Controller   Personnel
OCNS Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme   Procedures
OD Outside Diameter   Engineering Design
OE End of outcrop   Event, Seabed Feature
OEM Original Equipment Manufacture   Company
OGGS Offshore Gas Gathering System   Project Name
OH Other hard debris   Event, Debris
OIM Offshore Installation Manager   Personnel
OM Operations Manager   Personnel
OML Oil Mining Lease   Governing Bodies
OOS Out of Straightness   Survey Type
Op Operational   Operations General
OPEX Operating Expenditure   General
OPL Oil Prospecting Licence   Governing Bodies
OPRC International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness Response and Co-operation   Governing Bodies
OPRU Oil Pollution Research Unit (UK)   Health safety & Environment
OPT Optical   General
OR On Receipt   General
OS Other soft debris   Event, Debris
OSA Operating Services Agreement   Documents / Contracts
OSCP Oil Spill Contingency Plan   Procedures
OSHA Occupational safety & Health Association   Governing Bodies
OSU91A Geoid model published by Ohio State University   Survey Positioning
OTF On The Fly   Survey Cadastral
OU Other unspecified   Event
OVI Oil Vulnerability Index   Specification / measurement
P&ID Piping and Instrument Diagram   Engineering Design
Pac Pacific   Country / Sea Area
PAH Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons   Chemical / Biological
PC Personal Computer   Equipment Computing
PCB Poly Chlorinated Biphenyls   Chemical / Biological
pce piece pc General
PCF Permit Control Facility   Operations General
PCh Party Chief PC Personnel
PCPT Piezo-Cone Penetration Test   Equipment Survey Subsea
PCZ Preferred Conservation Zone   Health safety & Environment
PD Physical damage   Event, Weightcoat Damage
PDF Probability Density Function   Survey Positioning
Pdop Point dilution of position   Survey Positioning
PDOP Positional Dilution of Precision   Survey Positioning
PEC Predicted Environmental Concentration   Health safety & Environment
PF Pipeline Features   Event, Pipeline features
PFD Process Flow Diagram   Engineering Design
PFL Production Flowline   Engineering Pipeline
PIMS Pipeline Integrity Monitoring System   Procedures
PIN Personal Identification Number   General
PIP Pipe In Pipe   Engineering Pipeline
PL Product Line   Engineering Pipeline
PLEM PipeLine End Module (or Manifold) FTA / PTS Engineering Facility
PLES PipeLine End Sled   Engineering Facility
Plfm Platform   Engineering Facility
PLRS Post Lay Rock dumping Survey   Survey Type
PLUM Pipeline Umbilical Manifold   Engineering Facility
PLV Pipelay Vessel   Vessel Type
PM Project Manager   Personnel
PMR Planned Maintenance Routine   Inspection Test Maintenance
PMT Pipeline Measuring Tool   Equipment Project
POB Personnel on Board   Vessel Management
PON Petroleum Operations Notice   Regulation / order
POPA Prevention of Oil Pollution Act 1971   Legal Requirement
POPM Production Operating Procedure Manual   Procedures
Pos Position   Survey Positioning
PP Pipeline Protection cover PC Event, Pipeline features
PPE Personal Protective Equipment   Health safety & Environment
ppm Parts per million   Specification / measurement
PPR People Performance and Results   Management
ppt Parts per thousand   Specification / measurement
Pre-lay Survey or report of pre installation condition (second word always lowercase)   Documents / Contracts
Proc Procedure   Procedures
PT Protection Trough   Engineering Facility
PTW Permit to Work   Documents / Contracts
PWA Pipeline Works Authorisation   Regulation / order
QA Quality Assurance   Inspection Test Maintenance
QA/QC Quality Assurance/ Quality Control   Inspection Test Maintenance
QACP Quality Assessment and Control Programme   Quality Assurance / Control
QC Quality Control   Inspection Test Maintenance
QC Quality Control   Quality Assurance / Control
QHSE Quality, Health, Safety & Environment   Health safety & Environment
QRA Quantitative Risk Analysis   Documents / Contracts
R Raise Document   Documents / Contracts
R&D Research and Development   Department
RB Rebar exposed RE Event, Weightcoat Damage
RCDS Raster Chart Display Systems   Survey Positioning
RCM Reliability Centred Maintenance   Inspection Test Maintenance
RD Rockdump   Event, Remedial Works
RE Rockdump end   Event, Remedial Works
Resp Responder   Equipment Survey Subsea
RG Rope groove   Event, Weightcoat Damage
RHS Radian Health and Safety database   Health safety & Environment
RIDDOR Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurances Regulations   Health safety & Environment
RIS Riser RS Event, Pipeline features
RMM Retrievable Manifold Module   Engineering Facility
RO Rock outcrop   Event, Seabed Feature
Rot X Rotation X   Survey Positioning
Rot Y Rotation Y   Survey Positioning
Rot Z Rotation Z   Survey Positioning
ROTV Remotely Operated Towed Vehicle   Equipment Survey Subsea
ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle   Equipment Survey Subsea
ROW Right Of Way   Legal Requirement
RP Recommended Practice   Documents / Contracts
RPC Risk Priority Code   Health safety & Environment
RS Rockdump start   Event, Remedial Works
RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (UK)   Governing Bodies
RSS Racal Survey (Singapore) Pte Ltd   Company
RTK Real Time Kinematic   Survey Cadastral
RVD ROV Department RD Department
RW Remedial Works   Event, Remedial Works
RWC Restricted Work Cases   Health safety & Environment
Rx Receive RX General
S South   Survey Positioning
s/n Serial Number SNo General
SA Selective Availability (GPS)   Survey Positioning
SAC Special Area of Conservation (c = candidate, p = proposed)   Health safety & Environment
SAF Safety Officer   Personnel
SAFOP safety & Operability Studies   Health safety & Environment
SAST Seabirds At Sea Team (UK)   Health safety & Environment
SAT Safety Analysis Table   Health safety & Environment
SB Sand/Gravel bags   Event, Remedial Works
SB Sea Bed   General
SBL Sea Bed Level   Survey Positioning
SBM Single Buoy Mooring   Engineering Facility
SBP Sub-Bottom Profiler   Equipment Survey Subsea
SbP Standby in Port   Operations General
SbS Standby at Sea   Operations General
Sby Standby   Operations General
SC Scour   Event, Seabed Feature
SCADA Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition   Operations General
SCAR Safety Corrective Action Requests   Health safety & Environment
SCFD Standard Cubic Feet per Day   Engineering Design
SCS Stolt Comex Seaway   Company
SD Standard Deviation   Survey Positioning
SDA Subsea Distribution Assembly   Engineering Facility
SDAQC Seateam Data Acquisition and Quality Control   Quality Assurance / Control
SDRS Supplier Data Requirements Schedule   Documents / Contracts
SDS Safety Data Sheet   Health Safety & Environment
Se Sidebank Exposure end   Event, Seabed Feature
SE South East   Survey Positioning
SEPA Scottish Environmental Protection Agency   Governing Bodies
SERAD Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department   Governing Bodies
SF Seabed Feature   Event, Seabed Feature
SFPO Scottish Fish Producers Organisation   Governing Bodies
SHE Safety, Health and Environment   Health Safety & Environment
SHHW Spring High High Water   Tidal Data
SHLW Spring Higher Low Water   Tidal Data
SI Statutory Instruments   Governing Bodies
SIC Shetland Islands Council   Governing Bodies
SIF Subsea Installation Frame (Allseas)   Equipment Project
SIMOPS SIMultaneous OPerationS   Operations General
SIns Safety Instructions SI Procedures
SIT Silicon Intensified Target (camera)   Equipment Survey Subsea
SIT Systems Integration Test   Inspection Test Maintenance
SITRAS Statoils Inspeksjons og Tilstands RApporterings System   Procedures
SL Scaffold SC Event, Debris
SLHW Spring Lower High Water   Tidal Data
SLLW Spring Lower Low Water   Tidal Data
SM Survey Manager   Personnel
SMG Speed Made Good   Vessel General
SNASU Situation Normal All Screwed Up   General
SNEPCO Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Comnpany Limited   Company
SNH Scottish Natural Heritage   Governing Bodies
SNo Serial Number   General
SNR Signal to Noise Ratio   Specification / measurement
SO Start of outcrop OS Event, Seabed Feature
SO2 Sulphur dioxide   Chemical / Biological
SOAEFD Scottish Office, Agriculture, Environment and Fisheries Department   Governing Bodies
SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea (International Convention for)   Health Safety & Environment
SOMS Survey Operations Management System   Procedures
SOPEP Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan   Procedures
SOTEAG Shetland Oil Terminal Environmental Advisory Group   Governing Bodies
SOW Scope of Work   Documents / Contracts
SOx Oxides of Sulphur   Chemical / Biological
SP Spalling   Event, Weightcoat Damage
SPA Special Protection Area   Health Safety & Environment
SPac South Pacific   Country / Sea Area
SPDC Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited   Company
SPEX Shell Philippines Exploration BV   Company
SPIR Spare Parts Interchangeability Record   Inspection Test Maintenance
SPM Single Point Mooring   Vessel General
SR Soft rope   Event, Debris
SRB Sulphate Reducing Bacteria   Chemical / Biological
SS Sidebank Exposure start   Event, Seabed Feature
SSBL Super Short Baseline   Equipment Survey Subsea
SSCC Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking   Inspection Test Maintenance
SSE South South East   Survey Positioning
SSi South Side SS General
SSIV Sub Sea Isolation Valve (Sub Sea Intervention Valve)   Engineering Pipeline
SSMA Sub-Sea Manifold Assembly   Engineering Facility
SSOL SubSea Offshore Limited   Company
SSS Side Scan Sonar   Equipment Survey Subsea
SSSI Site of Special Scientific Interest   Health Safety & Environment
SSW South South West   Survey Positioning
Supt Superintendent   Personnel
Sv Satellites (GPS) SV, SV's, Sv's Survey Positioning
SVP Sound Velocity Probe   Equipment Survey Subsea
SVT Sullom Voe Terminal (BPAmoco UK)   Engineering Facility
Sw Swathe (bathymetry)   Equipment Survey Subsea
SW South West   Survey Positioning
SWL Safe Working Load   Engineering Design
SyIT System Integration Testing SIT Inspection Test Maintenance
TA Tarpaulin   Event, Debris
TAC Total Allowable Catch   Regulation / order
TBA To Be Advised   General
TBD To Be Determined   General
TBDo Temporary Bridging Document TBD Documents / Contracts
TBT Tributyltin   Chemical / Biological
TBU Temporary Bridging Unit   Engineering Pipeline
TCoO Total Cost of Ownership   Documents / Contracts
TDP Touch Down Point   Survey Positioning
TDPM Touch Down Point Monitoring   Survey Positioning
TE Trench end   Event, Seabed Feature
Tech Technician TECH Personnel
TechM Technical Manager TM Personnel
TI Tie In   Engineering Pipeline
TLGH Teknik Lenkap Geohydrographics Pte Ltd   Company
TLU Tanker Loading Unit   Engineering Facility
TM Transverse Mercator   Survey Cadastral
TMS Tether Management System   Survey Positioning
TOBI Towed Ocean Bottom Instrument   Equipment Survey Subsea
TOP Top of Pipe   Engineering Pipeline
TOR Top of Rock   Survey Positioning
TP Tangent Point   Engineering Design
Tp Transponder   Equipment Survey Subsea
TPF Two Phase Flowline   Engineering Pipeline
TRC Total Recordable Cases   Health Safety & Environment
TS Trench start   Event, Seabed Feature
TS Topsides   Engineering Facility
Tx Transmit TX General
UFD Utility Flow Diagram   Engineering Design
UK United Kingdom   Country / Sea Area
UKCS United Kingdom Continental Shelf   Country / Sea Area
UKDMAP United Kingdom Digital Marine Atlas   Documents / Contracts
UKN United Kingdom North   Country / Sea Area
UKNMP UK National Monitoring Programme   Procedures
UKOOA UK Offshore Operators Association   Governing Bodies
UKTERG United Kingdom Terrestrial Effects Review Group   Governing Bodies
UMB Umbilical UMBIL. Engineering Pipeline
UN United Nations   Governing Bodies
UPS Un-interruptable power supply   Electrical General
USBL Ultra Short BaseLine   Equipment Survey Subsea
USCG United States Coastguard   Governing Bodies
UTA Umbilical Termination Assembly   Engineering Facility
UTC Universal Time Co-ordinated UT Time
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator   Survey Positioning
UV Ultra Violet   General
V Review Document E Documents / Contracts
V of S Velocity of Sound (in water) VSW Survey Positioning
VC Vibro Corer   Equipment Survey Subsea
Vdop Vertical dilution of position   Survey Positioning
VDU Visual Display Unit   Equipment Multi Use
VE Video end   Event, Video Tapes
VI Vessel Instructions   Procedures
VIns Visual Inspection V, VI Inspection Test Maintenance
VIV Vortex Induced Vibration   Engineering Design
VIVAS Vortex Induced Vibration Analysis System   Inspection Test Maintenance
VOC Volatile Organic Compound   Chemical / Biological
VOP Vessel of OPportunity   Vessel Type
VOWD Value Of Work Done   Documents / Contracts
VP Video pause   Event, Video Tapes
VR Video resume   Event, Video Tapes
VRU Vertical Reference Unit   Equipment Vessel
VS Video start   Event, Video Tapes
VT Video Tapes   Event, Video Tapes
W Witness   Documents / Contracts
W West   Survey Positioning
WADS Wide Area DGPS System   Survey Positioning
WAG Water Alternating Gas Injection   Engineering General
WASP Wide Area Seabed Photography   Equipment Survey Subsea
WBSC Work Structure Breakdown Codes   Documents / Contracts
WD Weightcoat Damage   Event, Weightcoat Damage
West Belt Nigerian West Belt Projection System   Project Name
WFL Water Injection Flowline   Engineering Pipeline
WGS World Geodetic System (may include 2 digit year e.g. WGS 84)   Survey Cadastral
WGS84 World Geodetic System 1984   Survey Cadastral
WH Wellhead   Engineering Facility
WNW West North West   Survey Positioning
WoS West of Shetland (UK)   Country / Sea Area
WPR Weekly Progress Report   Operations General
WR Wire rope   Event, Debris
WROV Work Class ROV   Equipment Survey Subsea
WS West Side   General
WSW West South West   Survey Positioning
W-Test Normalizing residuals of a GPS pseudorange solution
and testing against a 99% confidence limit for outliers
  Survey Positioning
XG Crossing   Event, Pipeline features