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About Us

Senior Consultancy to the Offshore Energy Exploration,
Installation and Construction Industry.

OSSeas Ltd was formed in 2009 when after some twenty three years involvement in offshore projects it was seen that there was some misalignment between concept and project completion. Gaps revealed in the installation/construction phase which could and should have been avoided by identifying them in the concept design and planning phase. Also, the motivation and reward for project staff, particularly the senior managers and project engineers, had much scope for improvement using more modern management techniques.

This understanding lead Osseas identify three primary needs:

Firstly, for the owner, developer or licensee of an offshore development, their need for certainty in the projects they are undertaking. For the CEO to be able to confidently report to the shareholders and stake-owners that their investment is protected as best it can be, that the project on which they are embarking has been thoroughly vetted and potential deficiencies have been identified and addressed.

Secondly, to bring those people with strong knowledge, expertise, experience and understanding into an organisation where they can effectively utilise these personal assets. Where they can offer the accumulated years of experience working "at the sharp end", being on site, practically implementing their expertise, to help a project progress smoothly from concept to commissioning.

Thirdly, projects don't just happen. Its people that make projects. OSSeas is committed to helping the team obtain the best people, using leading edge management techniques to motivate and obtain peak performance from all personnel in the project, from the CEO to the intern. Associates of OSSeas are committed to delivering excellence because they are also developing a tangible personal asset that they can say is truly theirs.

Dennis Knox
Managing Director, OSSeas Ltd.

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